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14K Solid Gold Delicate Double Sequin Chain Attachment

Sale price$100.00

Introducing our new Double Sequin Chain with Cutting Details. Picture an extra dose of sparkle and a hint of fancy. The chain's been given a little extra love, with those cute cutting details that catch the light just right. It's got two jump rings, so you've got options. Wear it from front to back or side to side by hooking up the chains. Got multiple piercings? Play around with different setups for your own unique style. It’s super light, so it’s comfy to wear and still looks great.

Piercing Size Guide

To assist you in finding the perfect fit, here is our comprehensive sizing guide for our range of piercing items.

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 *Please note that it is difficult to provide precise determinations without an in-person evaluation, as everyone's ear shape is unique. We strongly recommend visiting your local piercer for an accurate measurement and to determine your exact size. 



Grey ear with sizing numbers for each studs earring placement



Grey ear with sizing numbers for each hoop earring placement